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Conservation of Amphibians & Reptiles in Connecticut

Conservation of Amphibians & Reptiles in Connecticut

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This book provides a new twist on the traditional atlas-style update on reptiles and amphibians. It takes conservation efforts beyond the recovery of any one species, providing a broader understanding of key conservation challenges and exploring ways we can begin to address – and hopefully resolve – the decline in many groups of reptiles and amphibians. By purchasing this book, you are also contributing to the conservation of the very species you’ll be learning about, as proceeds from the sale of this publication go toward the conservation of Connecticut’s reptiles and amphibians.

The 305-page, detailed text includes 131 color photos, species account maps, and conservation solutions for the complex challenges faced by Connecticut’s amphibians and reptiles. While it serves as a companion publication to Amphibians and Reptiles of Connecticut and Adjacent Regions, written by Michael W. Klemens (Bulletin 112 published by CT DEEP; 1993), this book takes an in-depth look at hidden ecological impacts of human actions. The authors of the new book, Michael W. Klemens, Hank J. Gruner, Dennis P. Quinn, and Eric R. Davison, seek to help the reader understand the conservation challenges faced by amphibian and reptile species and to help us create better approaches to conservation in the future. These concepts apply far beyond the borders of Connecticut and can inform conservation actions anywhere.

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