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Connecticut 2024 Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp

Connecticut 2024 Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp

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Protect Our Cherished Wildlife Habitat - Purchase a Connecticut Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp
As both a required purchase for waterfowl hunters and as artwork sought by collectors, conservationists, and other nature enthusiasts, Connecticut Migratory Bird Conservation Stamps have great visibility and generate substantial revenue for conservation and environmental education in our state.

The Connecticut Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp Program is the only dedicated source of funding for wetland protection in the State. Since its creation in 1993, the Program has contributed and leveraged over $4 million towards wetland protection and restoration in the State. Ninety-nine percent of every dollar of each Migratory Bird Conservation Stamp purchased is spent to protect and enhance homes for migratory birds like the American black duck, red-winged blackbird, and great blue heron. The other one percent produces the lovely stamps that come with the $17 investment in our cherished wetlands. In fact, healthy wetlands benefit over 20% of all the wildlife species in Connecticut, including painted and spotted turtles, pickerel frogs, and all 12 of the salamander species that call Connecticut home. 

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