Trap Rock Ridges of Connecticut

Trap Rock Ridges of Connecticut
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Natural History & Land Use

Connecticut College Arboretum Bulletin 41 and Department of Energy and Environmental Protection State Geological and Natural History Survey of Connecticut Special Publications 3

This full-color publication contains sections on the fascinating geologic and natural history of the trap rock ridges, the plant communities, insects (especially butterflies), reptiles and amphibians, mammals and human use. It contains numerous, high quality, original illustrations of plants and geological processes, and a unique, two-page cross section of a typical ridge showing the zonation of plant communities. There are also many color images of animals and landscapes, and a full page plate of butterflies of the ridges that emphasize identification marks. Includes a glossary of technical terms, bibliography and index.

  • ISBN: 9780942081200
  • Publisher: Connecticut College Arboretum
  • Publication date: April 1, 2013
  • Pages: 58
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