Step into the Early Jurassic (DVD)

Step into the Early Jurassic (DVD)
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When looking at the tracks, it's as if we are able to watch the dinosaurs with our own eyes. The trackway is truly a living record. 200 million years ago, large meat-eating dinosaurs walked along the muddy shore of a lake. With each step, the nearly half-ton carnivores pushed their clawed toes into the soft mud. Perhaps they came for water or to hunt their prey. Today the Early Jurassic Period is still alive. Mud has turned into rock and preserved these giant footsteps. Located in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, this sandstone layer holds over 2,000 tracks. It is one of the largest dinosaur trackways in North America. Dinosaur State Park protects this site and displays about 500 of the tracks - in their original place - in the Park's Exhibit Center. This incredible fossil record is just one part of dinosaurs' history in New England. The Connecticut Valley was once a prehistoric valley home to many dinosaurs and reptiles, lakes and rivers bordering vast forests, and terrific lava flows. Discover this world and more through Dinosaur State Park's DVD, Step into the Early Jurassic. See the fossil tracks and bones found in the CT Valley, learn about the evolution of dinosaurs, their rise in the Late Triassic and relation to modern animals including birds, watch how our ever-changing Earth caused the CT Valley to form, hear a paleontologist's analysis of the Park's famous trackway, and experience Pangaea's break-up and the following 200 million years of continental drift.

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