Rowing Retrospections

Rowing Retrospections
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A Personal View of New England Masters Sculling

From the preface by author Edward C. Monahan:

"What you have in your hands is a testimony to one man's benign obsession. If the author felt that his fixation with the sport and subculture of masters rowing was unique to him, then rest assured this book would not have been written. Rather, I am confident that my experiences and delights in rowing are typical of the impressions and sensations that the hundreds of other master rowers whom I encounter at regattas get from taking part in these same activities. And while I will admit to having a bookcase full of rowing books, I don't have one in which the author set out to give his or her readers a sense of what it is like for those middle-aged and older men and women who religiously attempt to hone their rowing skills, and who travel widely to test their skills and stamina against equally mature and dedicated rowers. So while this book does not rise to the heights of a memoir, it is one masters rower's impression of what rowing competitively in his region of the country, New England, is all about. I will consider it a success if rowers who read this book recognize themselves in the same situations and experiencing the same emotions as the author, and if non-rowers, who having read this book take up the sport, acknowledge in hindsight that I had it pretty much right, in that they now recognize themselves in the pages of this book."

  • ISBN: 0975978004
  • Publisher: Warthog Tales Press
  • Publication date: 2004
  • Pages: 148
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