Connecticut Terroir

Connecticut Terroir
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A geology and wine-tasting fieldtrip

Geological Society of Connecticut Fieldtrip Guidebook No. 3

Third Annual Fieldtrip - Saturday, June 23, 2012

Terroir comes from the French word terre meaning earth, land, soil. The concept of terroir was developed in France by winemakers observing the differences in wines from different regions, vineyards, or even different sections of the same vineyard. Despite our cool climate, grapes grow well in Connecticut. The purpose of this field trip is to examine the local geology and soil characteristics along the "Connecticut Wine Trail" in eastern Connecticut and to determine what effects, if any, that particular terroir has upon the local wines. In 2012, Connecticut had 31 operating wineries and vineyards spread across the state and located in all geologic terrains.

Sites include:

*   Sharpe Hill Vineyard, Pomfret

*   Maugle Sierra Vineyard, Ledyard

*   Priam Vineyards, Colchester

*   Crystal Ridge Vineyard, Glastonbury


  • ISBN: 9780942081206
  • Publisher: Geological Society of Connecticut
  • Publication date: June 23, 2012
  • Pages: 40
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