A Shared Landscape

A Shared Landscape
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A Guide and History of Connecticut's State Parks and Forests

Do you love to hike, bike, camp, fish, swim, hunt, watch birds, learn about ecology, or cross-country ski in Connecticut? Are you fascinated by our Native American heritage or the role our ancestors played in the American or Industrial Revolution? Do you enjoy Connecticut's waterfalls, traprock ridges, observation towers, or beaches? Or do you prefer quiet summer picnics under azure skies? Whatever your activity or passion, you will love A Shared Landscape, the first comprehensive guide to Connecticut's state parks and forests. A tremendously informative and visually exciting book, every page is vibrant with color, fact, history, legend and lore.

Years in the making, A Shared Landscape is an invaluable resource for Connecticut residents and visitors alike. Whether you want to learn more about a favorite park or forest or discover some new ones, this is the book for you. Loaded with full-color photos, illustrations, and maps, A Shared Landscape tells you everything you need to know about our public lands, including:

  • how each park and forest came about
  • its name derivation
  • connections with key historical events and figures
  • information about park and forest geography
  • ecology, flora, and fauna
  • exactly how to find the site
  • available services and activities
  • and much, much more

Written by Joseph Leary, a talented Connecticut writer, photographer, and raconteur, and brought to you by the Friends of Connecticut State Parks, a non-profit advocacy group, A Shared Landscape is your priceless ticket to fun, adventure, and learning on Connecticut's public lands.

Makes a great holiday or birthday gift!

  • ISBN: 0974662909
  • Publisher: Friends of Connecticut State Parks
  • Publication date: 2004
  • Pages: 240
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